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The Future of Scent: Osmo’s First Scent Salon

May 31, 2024
On Tuesday in NYC, Osmo debuted its Scent Salon, drawing experts from across the digital olfaction ecosystem—fragrance, culinary, art, fashion, media, and finance. They all got a peek at, and a whiff of, what we believe is the future of scent.

First, CEO Alex Wiltschko, shared Osmo’s origin story with Josh Wolfe from Lux Capital and explored the complexity and power of scent with neurobiologist Noam Sobel.

Next, Christophe Laudamiel, Osmo’s master perfumer, led a demonstration of scents that no human had ever smelled before, crafted using a blend of AI and traditional methods. The highlight of the night was a scent made entirely of Osmo’s AI-generated molecules that defied easy description — the attendees were the first to ever smell that specific smell. Christophe also presented a set of fragrances with only two ingredients each, one natural oil and one AI-generated ingredient, which created a stunning, synergistic effect. 

Our salons are a celebration of scent, and an exploration of what the future will smell like. Many thanks to all the guests who shared in this first experience, and to the Osmo team who put together such a special evening. We can’t wait to do it again.