Digitizing smell to give everyone a chance at a better life.

In this new era, computers will generate smells like we generate images and sounds today.

To fulfill this vision, Osmo is bringing together an accomplished, multidisciplinary team to build on its world-class research.

The Osmo team has expertise spanning machine learning, sensory neuroscience, data science, engineering, fine fragrance, analytical chemistry, and product development.


Before Osmo, our team was led by Alex Wiltschko at Google Research, where we used cutting-edge machine learning to build the foundations of Osmo’s map of smell.


Using Graph Neural Networks to achieve a major breakthrough in predicting the smell of a molecule from its structure


Creating new molecules no one had ever smelled before and predicting them with superhuman accuracy


Designing molecules that smell bad to mosquitoes (e.g. insect repellents) and are more potent than DEET in human trials

With the team’s work at Google Research validated over years, the best path for realizing the mission of digitizing smell would be through a separate startup, Osmo, dedicated to tackling the unique challenges to come.


With individual investors including:
Thomas Reardon
Rich Miner
Henry R. Kravis
Jeff Dean
Soumith Chintala
Hugo Barra
Moore Strategic Ventures
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Alexa Fund
Arena Holdings
Two Sigma